Best Formula 1 Cars Ever

For decades Formula 1 cars have been capturing the hearts of motorists with their sleek designs and sheer power. People who have a love for Formula 1 should check out these mean machines.formel 1 flag

Ferrari 156

This beautifully designed Formula 1 car was a familiar face on the racing circuit in the 1960s and still holds a special place in the heart of many lovers of classic cars. One of the most definitive features of the Ferrari 156 is its shark nose, which features double ‘nostrils’ that really make it stand out. This was one of the most innovative vehicles back in the day and proudly has a place in the Ferrari hall of fame. The V6 engine was state-of-the-art and for a long time this was the F1 model that other manufacturers tried to beat.

Maserati 250F

This mighty machine was perhaps the finest hour for Maserati and many Formula 1 fans were on the edge of their seat in 1957 when the car was driven in the German Grand Prix. Fangio managed to use the last 22 laps of the race to make up his 48 second deficit and beat race leader Mike Hawthorn to the finish line. The car not only had the speed needed to outperform most other vehicles on the circuit, it also had the looks to match its brawn. The Maserati 250F was also used by Stirling Moss to take him to pole position and this stunning vehicle is steeped in rich history.

Williams FW26

This F1 beast certainly turned plenty of heads when it roared into action during the 2004 season. The short, stubby nose of the Williams FW26 really made it stand out from the crowd and the sloping vertical pillars of the model resembled tusks to many people, earning it the nickname the ‘walrus’. All doubt were firmly cast aside when the FW26 shot into action and driver Juan Pablo Montoya used the mighty machine to come within a hair’s breadth of victory.