The Best Garage Utilities for Racing


If you are a serious racing enthusiast, there are a few must-have accessories within your garage to keep your car in top shape. While some of these can be quite an investment, a few of these items are able to be quickly and easily purchased. To keep things simple, let’s have a look at a some examples.

Car Movers

fordThere are times when you will have to access parts of your vehicle such as the exhaust manifold, the undercarriage or the bottom of the engine. This can be tricky within combined spaces. As it is not likely that you possess a hydraulic lift, the next best thing is a versatile car mover.

Fuel System Testers

Part of maintaining the speed of your race car will focus upon how efficiently your engine is processing its fuel. Should this not be checked on a regular basis, your fuel economy will decrease as well as your power when out at the track. There are numerous designs and most are able to easily fit within an average-sized tool box. If you want to get the most out of your engine, these diagnostic tools are essential.

Air Ratchets

These devices are commonly seen and heard on the side of the racetrack during a routine pit stop. However, the air ratchet has also made its place into the garage. There are several benefits to these pneumatically powered units. First, loosening rusted or stuck bolts can be accomplished in only seconds. The process of rotating your tyres is likewise streamlined. However, many overlook the fact that these ratchets will prevent common injuries such as bruised knuckles or cut hands due to their design. There are numerous sizes and power levels of choose from; each being suited for a specific purpose.

Car Polishes and Waxes

Racing is just as much about looking good as it has to do with the win at the end of the day. So, every garage should be stocked with a multitude of different cleansers, polishes and waxes. Only choose the top brand names, for you can be assured with their quality. Also, keep a box of soft terry rags nearby for wiping down interior surfaces such as your seats and dashboard. Never forget that it is just as important to take care of the surface of your tyres. Tyre foam should also be present within your garage. Keep these substances out of the reach of children at all times.

These are only a few examples of how you can quickly and easily service your car with the help of basic products. There is no better way to be prepared for any upcoming event!